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Personal data usage policy

whowho& Company collects personal information as follows for business partnership inquiry.

1. Items of personal information collected: [Required] Company (entity) name, full name, phone number, email address / [optional] homepage address

2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information: Secure identification and smooth communication paths through partnership application

3. Period of use of personal information: After all the reviews are completed, it will be stored for 1 month, and then the information will be destroyed without delay.

4. Added the right to refuse consent: You can refuse to consent to the collection of personal information as above. However, if you refuse to agree, you may be restricted from registering for an inquiry.

Please refer to the privacy policy for more information.


Whowho& Company will proceed with a separate business procedure, such as signing an affiliate agreement, in consultation with the proposal submission.

However, the content submitted by the proposer may be same or similar to the business already in progress, or it may be the content first proposed by a third party.

Therefore, it is said that the progress of reviewing the proposal does not promise to proceed with the partnership project with the proposer, and does not acknowledge the novelty or originality of the proposal or the priority of the proposal.

Therefore, in consideration of this point, please submit only the information that can be disclosed , and please understand that Whowho& Company does not bear any obligations such as compensation or reply to the proposer for rejection of the partnership proposal. In the proposal for partnership, please exclude confidential information, and any business ideas that need to be protected.

The submitted proposal contents and related materials will be used only for the purpose of reviewing the partnership. If the proposal is not accepted, it will be destroyed immediately. However, only the proposal registration number is stored for the same month as personal information so that the proposer can check the progress of the affiliate proposal, and it is immediately destroyed after the storage period has elapsed.