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    The WhoWho app does not save the phone number and text content when checking whether the received text message is spam.

    It only checks whether the 'telephone number' of the received message is blocked or has a high probability of spam, and only tells iOS whether it is spam by comparing it with the keyword registered in advanced filtering.

    Apple provides a function to access text messages other than numbers, but the WhoWho only checks whether or not it contains a 'keyword', so you can rest assured about infringement of personal information.
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    The messages filtered as spam messages can only be released according to the following Apple policy.

    1) When replying to SMS or MMS message classified as spam message more than 3 times
    2) When registering a phone number classified as a spam message as a contact
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    Open iPhone 'Settings'> Select the 'Messages' app> Select 'Unknown contacts and spam'> Deactivate by selecting 'WhoWho'

    (The spam message filtering function is supported from iOS 11.)
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    You can receive a temporary password after authenticating the email you registered when you signed up by selecting 'Find Password' on the login information input screen.

    After logging in with a temporary password, please change it to a new password!

    ※ If there is no e-mail, please check your spam mailbox.
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    After the app, only the email account information registered at the time of membership registration can be known.

    Therefore, if the user has forgotten the e-mail account to which he/she has signed up, he/she will not be able to check the post-team.

    To continue using the WhoWho, Re-registering should be processed with a new email account.
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    WhoWho app 'See more' tab> Customer Support> Terms of Use or Privacy Policy> 'Withdrawal of Terms and Conditions' is possible
    ※ WhoWho version less than 2.4.1: WhoWho app 'See more' tab> Customer support> Resigning his/her Membership

    However, please note that all registered number information (spam, relief, blocking, etc.) will be deleted when you are resigning the membership.
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    The WhoWho app on the iPhone can only be used on one device per email account.

    Please note that when you log in from another device, you are automatically logged out from the device you were logging in to.
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    If you log in with your registered e-mail account when registering, you can retrieve the numbers you registered with the previously registered 'Spam', 'Security', and 'Block (supported from v2.5.0)' numbers.

    Even if you've changed from your Android device to your iPhone, you can still restore it by logging in to the email account for the WhoWho that you used on Android.

    ※The backup function of the blocking number is supported from the v2.5.0 version of the post.

    If you're using a lower version than the V2.5.0 version, be sure to update it to the latest version before changing your device or reinstalling the app!
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    You can register a number you don't know (unregistered contacts number) with a 'spam' or 'secured' number.

    1) Register in the WhoWho search widget
    Copy phone numbers by touching long > Run the top notification center to check the widgets > Register spam number
    (The security number can be registered on the search results detail-screen)

    2) Search and register in the WhoWho app
    'Search' tab > Phone number search > Search results detail screen > Spam/security number Registration

    3) Register (outgoing) through the recent records
    'Keypad' tab > 'Recent history' selection at the top of the keypad • Recent history detail screen > Spam/secured number registration
    ☞ only have a record of the call sent through the WhoWho app before the recent history menu will be displayed.
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    The phone number block in the WhoWho app will only be blocked when it matches the number you registered with through the app.

    [Block contact number]
    'Contacts' tab > Select contacts and details screen > Block

    [Block contact unregistered number]
    1) In the WhoWho search widget (iOS 10.3.3 or higher)
    Copy your phone number with a long touch > Run the top notification center to check widgets > Block

    2) In the search of the WhoWho app
    'Search' tab > Search phone number > Search results detail-screen > Block

    3) Enter your phone number to block it
    'More' Tab > Blocking Management > Blocking Number Registration

    * Please note that due to the iPhone Apple policy, character blocking in the app is limited, so it will only be blocked for incoming calls.

    * However, if you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 11, you can use the ""spam message filtering"" function provided by WhoWho.

    If you use this feature, in addition to the number you blocked, you will automatically classify spammy messages from unknown numbers as ""junk"" messages.

    Additionally, classified messages do not trigger arrival notifications, so they can have the same effect as blocking. (Similar to spam emails)