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    You can report voice fishing by using the recording a call function on the WhoWho app.

    After ending the call, if you check and report the recorded file among the call recording list, it is forwarded to the Financial Supervisory Service and used for preventing financial fraud.

    We ask that you absolutely will report to everyone who uses the WhoWho app so that there is no voice phishing damage.

    ※ If the OS version of the smartphone is 6.0 or higher, the voice of the other person may not be recorded when recording a call.

    For more information, search for ""call recording"" in the FAQ and refer to ""I can't hear another's voice during call recording"".
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    ""Statistics"" shows the latest records (call records) of calls and phone received and send from the smartphone and the history of text messages.

    ※ Based on 500 call records and 500 text message records recently sent and received on smartphones

    -In the “Intimacy” of the contact, you can select and view the last 1 month or all records from the top button menu.

    -Run the WhoWho App> See more (top left button)> MY WhoWho (click email account at the top)> Other Information> In Phone Usage's “Usage Pattern”, in the button menu at the top. For the last 1 month and last 3 months also for the last 1 month, you can see the patterns by time zones.
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    ""The Whowho Voice"" is a function telling you who's calling by a voice so that you can know when you receive a call/text without looking at your phone.

    You can use it with more convenience when using earphones also the phone is in sound mode.

    ① Listening Previously
    -You can listen to what you have already set for the voice in advance.
    ② Voice Guidance
    -When it is activated (blue), you can receive the information that appears in the notification window by voice guidance.
    ③ Voice Recognition
    -When you receive a call, you can control it with my voice. (Answer calls, Block calls, etc.)
    ④ Number of Repetitions of voice guide
    -When you receive a call/text message, you can receive the voice notifications up to 4 times.

    ※ WhoWho Voice??
    -It's a free service.
    -""WhoWho App"" and ""WhoWho Voice App"" both need to be installed.
    -When the notification window is activated, voice information is provided for the number of information in the notification window.

    ※ How to control ringtone volume??
    -Without using earphones: It is guided when it is set as a ringtone (except for vibration and silence modes), and the volume is controlled to the media volume.
    -With using earphones: It can be adjusted with the phone call volume.
    -Other devices: Ringtone volume may be adjusted.
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    The WhoWho app is optimized for smartphones from domestic manufacturers. Therefore please understand that some features of the app may not be officially supported even if the WhoWho app is installed on smartphones from overseas manufactured devices.

    If you are using a Huawei brand smartphone, please change the settings of your smartphone device separately so that it can be properly run on the device.

    * Common essential settings
    Each smartphone model has a menu that is required to set up as follows, with different names and different ways. Therefore, please find the appropriate settings on your smartphone.

    1. Allow ""Draw over other apps""
    [Setting] on the smartphone → [Apps and notifications] → [Apps] → Tap the WhoWho from the list of apps → [Draw over other apps] at the bottom of the app information screen → Activate ON [Allow dragging on other apps]

    2. Excluding ""Battery Optimization""
    Run the app → [See more] → [General settings] → Do not optimize or exclude the WhoWho app at the setting of [Exclude Battery Optimization]

    3. Allow ""Notification Access""
    Tap [Settings] → [Apps & Notifications] → [Apps] → [Settings] button at the bottom of the app list → [Special Access] → Activate the WhoWho at the [Notification Access]

    4. Allow Notification of ""Drop Zone""
    In the [Phone Manager] app on the smartphone home screen → [Drop Zone], please find the WhoWho and allow the drop zone to be displayed.

    5. Multiplex Screen lock
    Firstly, run the WhoWho app, return to the smartphone home screen and check the screen of the running apps by pressing and holding the multiplex button (menu button on the bottom of the smartphone device) or the desktop.

    Among the running app screens, lock the lock by pulling the screen slightly down on the app screen.
    (You can also tap to lock when the lock icon is visible)

    6. Other
    On the smartphone [Settings] → Protected Apps → Set the WhoWho as ""Protected""
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    I gave permission words based on the ones on the Google Play Store.

    Each manufacturer's device displays the app permission statement differently, so I would appreciate it if you refer to it below.

    1. ID
    It brings and reads the list of email accounts stored in the device and selects one of them to use as a WhoWho account.
    the account of WhoWho stores information such as block number, spam blocking, and favorites, and is used to provide an environment where users can continue to log in with the same ID in situations such as reinstallation after device change and reinstallation after deletion.

    2. Contact
    The authority is used to bring and read the address book of the device in order to compose the address book from the WhoWho app.
    It is a function to read as it is, not just to save it, and it works only within the device, and the posterior side does not collect the related content.

    3. Location
    It is used to find the current location from the WhoWho ""Searching Number"" and reflect it in the search results by distances.
    The function does not work until you enter the tab of number search on the WhoWho and agree to use.
    Also, the WhoWho app never collects an individual's location.

    4. SMS
    It is used to show the text message contents through the WhoWho notification window.
    It is also used for URL analysis to detect smishing.
    The WhoWho doesn't save related content for use another purpose.
    Sending SMS is permission used to send a rejection message in a meeting mode or a theater mode in the WhoWho notification mode.

    5. Telephone
    It is a permission to allow users to directly call a user from within the WhoWho app such as a ""Keypad"".

    6. Storage space
    Used to read/save call recording files and registration favorite photo files.
    The WhoWho does not collect the related content.

    7. Microphone (Audio)
    It is used to support the ""call recording"" function.
    Related call recordings are stored only on the user's mobile and never saved on the WhoWho.

    8. Camera
    It's used for supporting Searching numbers ""My Place Registration"" and ""Video Call"" features.
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    Xiaomi needs to be differently set as follows on the device.

    Please note that the ways may be slightly different.

    1. Security> Authority > Authority settings (gear button at the top right)-> Enable ""Permission Manager""
    2. Authority > Auto-start > Allow ""The WhoWho App""
    3. Authority > Tap Apps > Click ""The WhoWho App"" > Allow Authority
    4.Settings> Notification> App Notification> Click ""The WhoWho App"" > Allow setting
    5. Settings> Battery/Performance > Manage app battery usage> Click ""The WhoWho App"" > Allow Background
    ※ If all settings are inconvenience for you, you can set the power saving mode to ""Off"" completely!!
    6. After completing all settings, run ""The WhoWho App""
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    As the WhoWho is the wireless internet-based search service, it
    may not be able to call up the information or display information smoothly when the wireless internet is not active enough.

    In this case, if you are using the LTE data plan, we recommend setting HD voice (or VoLTE) in the call settings of your smartphone.

    ※ If there is ""LTE network priority connection"" setting, pleaes check this too !!

    Or, because of the memory cleaning function of the smartphone or the installed memory cleaning app, there is a phenomenon that the app stops and does not run properly.

    Please exclude the WhoWho app among the memory cleanup apps ' cleanup categories, and then try running the app again.
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    There are various widget functions such as recent records, shortcut numbers, keypad, and notification window mode, so please select a widget that suits your convenience in the widget settings on your smartphone and enjoy it conveniently.
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    Because the WhoWho searches for text-based information, it uses an average of 300 bytes of data when receiving a phone call or text, and only up to 1 kb of data is exhausted.
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    The account registered in the WhoWho app stores basic information, block number, secured number, shared number, reported number, and memo.

    When you change your smartphone device or reinstall the app, if you re-register with the account that you used for your first registration in the WhoWho app, you can recall the previous registration information.