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    On the WhoWho Keypad, users can search phone numbers from contacts on smartphones with phone number, name, the initial.
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    If you want to know your number has ever reported on the WhoWho app, please check this.

    ※ Run the WhoWho app > More (top left button)> My WhoWho (tap the email account at the top) > You can check on ""Information of my contacts""

    If any information was reported before the menu and numbers mark on, you can also request to delete tapping the number and ""Request to delete"" on the top right or ""Sending Requirement"" through the WhoWho app.

    ※ The menu is about ""Information of my contacts"" doesn't appear if there is no registered information.
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    You can delete that what you have reported spam and shared information by yourself.

    ※ Run the WhoWho app > See more (the button at the top left) > Manage the registered numbers > Reported numbers(or Shared numbers) > Button at the top > Delete

    You can edit on ""Reported numbers(or Shared numbers)"" selecting a number you need to make a correction. then you can report that as spam or share for registration again.
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    How to set the WhoWho app as a basic phone call

    * It can be different according to devices and versions of Android.

    ① For Samsung devices
    1. Tap the ""Application"" menu on the mobile phone sets
    2. Tap the menu icon at the top right and ""Basic Apps""
    3. Tap ""Phone Call App""
    4. Select ""WhoWho"" App

    ② For LG devices
    Tep the ""App and Notification"" menu on the mobile phone sets
    2. Tap the menu icon at the top right and ""Basic Apps""
    3. Tap ""Phone Call App""
    4. Select ""WhoWho"" App
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    안심이(Ahn-sim-ee)' is a service that if our user thinks she/he has a dangerous situation with a calling from a number classified as a crisis phone number such as voice fishing or illegal loan and sends a notification to her/his protector.

    [How to use the service]

    1) Select the person you want to protect.
    2) Then send the service approval SMS.
    3) The person who receives the SMS can click the link to run or install the WhoWho app.
    4) If the person clicked the link and can complete approving and it will be connected to the protector. Protector will have Push notification when a dangerous call is detected.
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    1) When a pop-up notification about using duplicated one's account

    The 안심이 Service only provides the user who only has one number registered in her/his one account.
    There are currently multiple phone numbers in your account, so you can't use the service, so although it's inconvenient please delete the app and reinstall it and re-sign up with your new e-mail account.

    2) In the case of receiving a pop-up that says you need to register your account
    If you are using the WhoWho app with your temporary account, you will not be able to use the Urgent (dangerous / risk) Call Notification Service. Please register your email account and try again.

    3) In the case of receiving the push message announcing you can't use service
    After a user connected another user, please contact us at 1:1 request to ask because this is a situation that your number has been added to your protector's account and the service is not available.
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    We recommend you sign up for a free on-call service for the protector to take accurate and prompt action when notifying you of a risk call.

    On your mobile phone, you can connect to 114(free of charge) or call the centre numbers (referring below) of the wireless carrier you are using and can join that service.

    ▶ SKT Custormer centre
    02-1599-0011 (charge)

    ▶ KT Custormer centre
    1588-0010 (charge)

    ▶ LG U+ Custormer centre
    1544-0010 (charge)
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    The Samsung smartphone devices have recently had notifications for the overlay during using the WhoWho app for the newly added function,

    ""Notifying the Detection of the Overlay"", please release the WhoWho in setting and try to use gain.

    The setting of smartphones > Bio and Security(or Lock screen and Security) > Unselect the WhoWho app on App Authority Monitor(※It can be different by smartphones)

    <Galaxy Note FE models>

    <Other Samsung Smartphones models>
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    ※ The ""Navy"" theme is currently ""Basic Theme"", and those who have set other themes will be set as the standard theme (Navy) when it is updated.

    How to change the WhoWho theme is as follows.

    1. Run the WhoWho app > See more (button at the top left) > WhoWho theme
    2. Select the favorite theme in the WhoWho theme setting
    3. ""Download"" the selected theme
    4. Download the selected theme and tap ""Apply""
    5. The applied theme is confirmed by moving to the keypad screen

    The applied theme can be seen on the WhoWho theme menu.

    The new themes are applied to both the WhoWho app and the notification window at once.
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    Run the WhoWho app > See more (button at the top left)> FAQ / Contact> Customer Support> Use the menu of 'Unsign a membership' menu.

    When you unsign your membership, you can no longer use the WhoWho service, and your membership information and all registered information will be deleted and will not be restored even after reinstallation.

    If you no longer use the WhoWho service, please delete the WhoWho app from your smartphone as well.