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    On the recent history of the WhoWho > When deleting the records, the recent history on a smartphone device is also deleted.

    However, the history of the text message is only deleted on the WhoWho but you may be aware that it still remains on a smartphone.

    For your reference, after deleting them on even a smartphone, it applies to the recent history on the WhoWho app as well.
    Tip > Phone records must be deleted from recent records (or call logs) and text messages must be deleted from the text box.
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    The WhoWho is synchronized with the recent record (a call record) on the smartphone.
    Tap the above button of WhoWho app > General Settings > ""Synchronize when deleting recent records"", the direction of deleting can be done as below.

    <Synchronization is ON when the recent history is being deleted>
    If a user deletes the latest calls and messages on a smartphone or on the WhoWho app,
    it's deleted the recent at the same time.
    - How to delete the recent history of the WhoWho: Button at the top to go to WhoWho's recent recorded one > Delete the recent history or all of history of calls and messages

    Dragging a phone number on the WhoWho list of recent call records and it can be deleted on you can find delete on menus.

    <Synchronization is OFF when the recent history is being deleted>
    Taking the records away from the WhoWho app does not apply to the recent records on the smartphone and is deleted only in the app later.
    -Call history: If deleting it from the recent history of a smartphone, it affects the WhoWho app too.
    -Text history: Users can delete the text message of the inbox and receiving history from the recent records of your smartphone.
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    If you only want to look at the history that you just want from the recent records,
    The recent records > Tap the button at the top right > Click ""Check the Contents by Records"" and Select ""The recent records options"" at the pop-up screen that users only want to see and this can collect and serve the records.
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    ""Sharing Information"" is function that when an user registers the unknown phone number and its information on the app, it will also share to the others.

    Only the last four numbers(ex.1**4) with shared information by the user appears and no information will be more shared at all.
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    Although a number has ever recorded as spam, if it will be registered ""secure numbers"" as well, it won't be considered as a spam number to the user, only the numbers that user doesn't know(isn't in the contacts) can be registered as secured numbers.

    <How to register ""Secured Numbers"">
    - Click that numbers on the WhoWho recent records list > Registration the secured numbers (or click the magnifier and use menus)
    - Run the WhoWho app > See more (button at the top lest) > Manage block > Tap the numbers at the Blocked Records/Blocked Phone Numbers > Registration Secured Numbers

    The numbers registered as Secured Numbers can be checked on,
    The WhoWho app > See More (button at the top lest) > Manage the Registered Numbers > Secured Numbers
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    It can be registered on Favorites if you click the numbers you want to mark as favorite numbers and tap the Star from the contact list of the WhoWho.

    You can refer to that Favorites of the WhoWho app and a smartphone are synchronized.
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    The contacts of the WhoWho app are also synchronizing the contacts of the smartphone it's currently used.

    Therefore, it will happen the duplications of contacts when saving the same contacts in USIM as well or using several accounts on the smartphone or using other applications for address book to manage the accounts.

    If the user deletes the duplications of contacts from the smartphone, the WhoWho will be applied when it is active.
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    The keypad of the WhoWho provides 3 types such as [Highlight Numeric], [Emphasis Character], [Emphasis shorten number].

    Run the WhoWho app > Keypad > top right button > You can choose a favorite type at the ""Keypad Style""
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    The WhoWho app keypad is set to [Left Hand Mode] and [Right Hand Mode] according to user's convenience.

    Run the WhoWho app > Keypad > top right button > Setting Keypad > ""One-handed Mode Setting""
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    You can set up to 9 numbers for the shortening numbers(hoy key) on the WhoWho keypad, please follow the directions to set up below.
    Keypad screen > The button at the top right > Set your shortening numbers
    Keypad screen > Set the number among 1 to 9 > Press long and register