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    If you want to set the start disply as your favorite, you can set up : Run the app> See more (button at the top left) > General settings > it's available to set up on ""Select the App first screen""

    If you want to use the last used screen you can set ""Disabled"",

    If you always want to use the first screen as a keypad, select "" Keypad"" (or recent history, contacts, search).
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    The way to check the recording call with the WhoWho app is as follows.

    1. How to check recording call from recent history
    - Tap the ""Record Call"" icon from the bottom in the list of the recent records and details

    2. How to check the entire call recording
    ① Run the WhoWho app> See more (button at the top left) > General settings > Convenience > Call recording > Check it on ""Go to the call recording list""
    ② Run the WhoWho app > See more (button at the top left) > My WhoWho (tap the email account at the top) > Checking on ""Voice Records List""

    You can check the saved original files of the list of recording calls in ""My folder > the WhoWho folder"" on the smartphone.
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    <Setting recording a call>
    Run the app > See more (button at the top left) > General Settings > Convenience function > Set ""Recording a call"" and you can record a call by tapping the button of the Recording a call when it receives a call or makes calls or it works automatically.

    When it finishes a call or closes or pauses the button of recording, recording should be finished.

    ※ In case of using the mobile phone which isn't supported the function of the recording call, the button is not displayed.

    1. Set automatic call recording
    ① All of call list
    -Record all connected calls when making or outgoing calls
    ② Selected phone number only
    -When making or outgoing calls, it only automatically records the phone calls registered on the list of numbers for auto-recording
    ※ The selected phone number list only can be able to synchronize for the person who uses WhoWho and have the account. It is recommended you to register your account ~

    2. Automatic recording phone number
    Click + button at the bottom, then it records automatically when the call is connected with the phone numbers registered on the “Automatic Recording Phone Numbers” list which is your contacts list and the recent history of contacting, the direct registration of phone numbers when it receives a call or makes a call.

    3. Checking recording a call
    Settings recording a call > Shortcut to the recording ist
    -Recent record list or details
    -My WhoWho > Recording list
    -It shows up the notification of recording a call on the state icon when it has done to call
    ※ If it's uncomfortable with the notification of recording a call, on the app setting of recording a call > turn off ""notification for saving the records""

    <Precautions for recording a call through WhoWho>
    -When using this with a different record app, it is not recorded.
    -When making / outgoing calls, only calls connected are recorded.
    -If the capacity of the smartphone is inadequate, it isn't recorded (below 500MB).
    -For overseas mobile models, call recording may not be supported according to the characteristics of the devices.
    -Smartphone > MY file > WhoWho folder
    If you modify or delete the file name of the recorded in this WhoWho folder, you can't load it from the WhoWho recorded call list or play any of them properly.
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    You may find directions to block a phone number on the WhoWho app as following.

    1. It's able to use ""Block Immediately"" at the WhoWho notification screen of receiving calls (but, it must be applied to unknown phone numbers)
    2. Using the button of ""blocking"" on the WhoWho message notification and showing of terminating/missed calls
    3. Using the button of ""Blocking"" by tapping the phone numbers on the WhoWho recent calls list(or tapping the magnifier) and use the menu
    4. Run the WhoWho app > See more (the button at the top left) > Managing blocked numbers > Set up on each category according to your condition at ""Set Blocking""
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    Run the WhoWho app > See more (the button at the top left) > Managing blocked numbers > when setting about blocking Spam at ""Set Blocking"", it blocks the number which has a record as spam.

    So, if phone numbers of bank and/credit card company have the previous records as spam, it can be blocked. It you need these number you may add them as ""secured numbers"" not to be obstructed.
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    Run the WhoWho app > See more (the button at the top left) > Managing blocked numbers > Wirtting 070 at "Set Blocking", you can block the number starting as 070
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    If the blocked numbers call you, they should be obstructed automatically, it is showing the receving calls on the state icon at the top of your smartphone screen when it sets up the WhoWho notification of blocking.

    For the blocked calls list, Run the WhoWho app > See more (the button at the top left) > Managing blocked numbers > you could see the history of blocking phone numbers.
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    As WhoWho is a searching service based on a wireless internet, so when it receives a call it connects to server and searches a caller's phone number to confirm wether a spam or not. During the seaching, it's possible to ring 1 or 2 times.
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    Blocking devices is only applied on smartphone, you may only find it on the list of blocked phone numbers but it isn't completely deleted on App.
    Please delete the blocked numbers on the list of rejected phone call at Setting Call on your smartphone.
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    Although you install the WhoWho app, it just doesn't block the incoming calls automatically. Only the numbers that user blocked are not received. Rejecting by WhoWho, you can find the history of blocking calls on the ""Records of numbers blocked"".

    ※ To unblock numbers,
    Run the WhoWho app > See more (the button at the top left) > you can cancle it on ""Managing blocked numbers""(or tap the icon of magnifier)
    -[The record of numbers blocked]
    Here, select the blocked receiving number and tap 'register secured registration' or 'cancle blocking'

    - [The blocked phone numbers]
    Here, If you find any number which was registered for blocking, click the 'delete' menu (the button at the top right)
    [Setting for blocking]
    On this menu, if it is being set of blocking according to categorises, you can change it considering on your own condition

    ※ If it indicates that all incoming calls are blocked and rejected at all !! Please check if the WhoWho notification mode is set as [Theater mode] or [Meeting mode].
    - Change the WhoWho notification mode to default mode on the state icon of smartphone.
    - Run the WhoWho app > See more (the button at the top left) > Gerneral Setting > Check ""the Notification Mode Setting""

    Unless you find the receving calls on 'the record of numbers blocked' at WhoWho, you need to confirm the setting for blocking on the smartphone or another app.