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    We recommend you sign up for a free on-call service for the protector to take accurate and prompt action when notifying you of a risk call.

    On your mobile phone, you can connect to 114(free of charge) or call the centre numbers (referring below) of the wireless carrier you are using and can join that service.

    ▶ SKT Custormer centre
    02-1599-0011 (charge)

    ▶ KT Custormer centre
    1588-0010 (charge)

    ▶ LG U+ Custormer centre
    1544-0010 (charge)
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    Although you install the WhoWho app, it just doesn't block the incoming calls automatically. Only the numbers that user blocked are not received. Rejecting by WhoWho, you can find the history of blocking calls on the ""Records of numbers blocked"".

    ※ To unblock numbers,
    Run the WhoWho app > See more (the button at the top left) > you can cancle it on ""Managing blocked numbers""(or tap the icon of magnifier)
    -[The record of numbers blocked]
    Here, select the blocked receiving number and tap 'register secured registration' or 'cancle blocking'

    - [The blocked phone numbers]
    Here, If you find any number which was registered for blocking, click the 'delete' menu (the button at the top right)
    [Setting for blocking]
    On this menu, if it is being set of blocking according to categorises, you can change it considering on your own condition

    ※ If it indicates that all incoming calls are blocked and rejected at all !! Please check if the WhoWho notification mode is set as [Theater mode] or [Meeting mode].
    - Change the WhoWho notification mode to default mode on the state icon of smartphone.
    - Run the WhoWho app > See more (the button at the top left) > Gerneral Setting > Check ""the Notification Mode Setting""

    Unless you find the receving calls on 'the record of numbers blocked' at WhoWho, you need to confirm the setting for blocking on the smartphone or another app.
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    Users can set up each phone call and text notification.

    1. Phone call notification settings
    Run the app > See more (top left button)> Phone Call Notification > you may tap the display in the notification, you can set it up according to your situation.

    * The setting of phone call notification can be changed
    : Number of incoming/outgoing calls, at the end of a call, when having missed calls, running time of being turned incoming call window on, placing the incoming call window

    2. How to set up the notification of the text message
    Run the WhoWho app > See more (button at the top-left) > can set Text Notification and activation of the notification and time.

    * The setting of text notification can be changed
    : Activating text notification, an activation time of text notification, displaying of text content, URL text smishing detection,
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    It has been confirmed the WhoWho application does not run properly for the ""Battery Optimization Function"" of smartphones

    It can happen if the smartphone includes ""the function of app power-saving"" or ""Battery optimization function"" in the settings of the smartphone.

    You may follow the smartphone setting as below.
    (It was mainly focused on Samsung's device which is mostly found this phenomenon.)

    1. Settings the basic function of smartphone device > Battery > App power-saving > Details > Tap the WhoWho app > Change the ""Auto power-saving"" to ""No power-saving""
    2. Try to run the WhoWho app once again !!
    3. For people using the Android Marshmallow (6.0.X) or higher, please check the following details before using them.

    ① Smartphone Settings > Application Management > Application Manager
    -'See more' (on the top right) > The app is showing on the other apps > Allow the WhoWho
    -Click the WhoWho app among the list > Go to ""Authority"" and tap 'Use all of the authority'

    ② Run the WhoWho app > See more (button at the top left) > General settings > Setting the ""Exclude Battery Optimization""

    ※ The same phenomenon may occur even if the applications regarding the function of the battery and the optimization were installed before, so please exclude the WhoWho on these apps.
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    Currently, Samsung/some devices of LG, Android OS 7.0(Nougat) Ver or higher is only supported the WhoWho basic call with video calls (Update the latest version)

    ※ Samsung supported smartphone devices
    ※ LG supported smartphone devices

    If you use the WhoWho as a basic phone call on the other smartphones, it is not supported the video call for the smartphone manufacture policy.

    If you want to use a video call, please release the WhoWho from a basic call and use it as a notification function.

    <How to cancel setting of the Whowho basic phone call>
    1. Samsung/LG models the ones are not supported
    Run the WhoWho app> See more (
    (button at the top left) > Call notifications > Set ""Show on the WhoWho notification"" from OFF to ON
    2. Other models
    Smartphone settings> App settings> Default app> Change the phone app, not WhoWho app but 'Contacts' or 'Address Book'.

    ※Go see how to cancel the setting of WhoWho basic call.
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    ※ The ""Navy"" theme is currently ""Basic Theme"", and those who have set other themes will be set as the standard theme (Navy) when it is updated.

    How to change the WhoWho theme is as follows.

    1. Run the WhoWho app > See more (button at the top left) > WhoWho theme
    2. Select the favorite theme in the WhoWho theme setting
    3. ""Download"" the selected theme
    4. Download the selected theme and tap ""Apply""
    5. The applied theme is confirmed by moving to the keypad screen

    The applied theme can be seen on the WhoWho theme menu.

    The new themes are applied to both the WhoWho app and the notification window at once.
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    Turn on WhoWho app > See more (button at the top left) > General Setting > Tap the Notification Screen Mode > Setting ""Notification Screen Mode"", WhoWho icon shows the upper on your device.

    If you swipe the upper part of your devide down with your finger, you can see 'WhoWho Notification Screen Mode' has set up as 'basic mode'.

    - Drive mode: Nofitications of absent, finishing a phone call, message close in 5 seconds.
    - Meeting mode: When a call receives, it sends a rejection message.
    - Theater mode: it sets a manner mode, when a call receives, it sends a rejection message.
    - Disabled mode: it sets basic mode, it doesn't show up on the state icon.

    ※ It sends a rejection message though the SMS, you can edit or add more to the rejection message on the 'Setting WhoWho notification mode'.
    On the WhoWho widget, it was added and you can use it easier.

    ※ If you set both of the State icon and Widget, when you change any mode they change at once.
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    If you use a specific mobile phone app served by mobile carrier for your basic call (meaning you do not use the phone call app served by the wireless carrier of your smartphone), it is not in working order to indicate the missed calls well.
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    When it receives a missed call and if showing the number of missed calls on the WhoWho app icon wouldn't be comfortable for you, you can cancle the setting as follows.

    Run the app> See more (button at the top left)> General settings > Change ""Show missed calls on app icon"" to OFF

    For reference, if you are using WhoWho as the default phone in Android Oreo (8) or higher, the missed calls shows only in the WhoWho app icon.
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    If the ""Check on missed calls in WhoWho app"" is set up, you can check it on recent history on the app tapping the missed call in the notification at the top of the phone.

    Checking missed calls is inconvenience for you, please cancel the settings as below.

    Run the app> See more (button at the top left)> General settings > Change the ""Check on missed calls in WhoWho app"" setting from ON to OFF

    For reference, if you are using WhoWho as default call on the Android Oreo (8) or higher, when you tap the missed call notification, it is linked to the recent calls of the WhoWho app.